who is

the impulse project? 


To follow artistic impulses that foster and create passionate works of performance that inspire and serve the community


To engage the artistic community to identify works of theatre with purpose, produce them with ambition and excellence, and use that to give back into the community with proceeds from the production


Create a production cycle where we identify different stories, themes, and literature that the community feels passionate to address with workshops and readings to which the project can transform into a fully-realized production at the end of the season:

Workshop Series to explore new works with thought-provoking stories and subject matters, with talkbacks to involve the audience on what we connect with

Main Stage Production of the selected piece from the Workshop Series will feature a fully realized production - using simple-yet-powerful designs within intimate or non-conventional venues - to bring the season’s passion and purpose into a reality

Community Outreach by creating relationships with organizations whose missions relate to our productions, and incorporate a portion of ticket sales for donation

Cabaret Series to create entertaining nights of music and performance that service unique themes and points of view