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May 14th - 27th 2019

Green Venue

Orlando Repertory Theatre Black Box

"With his big blue eyes and neat blond hair, Adam Reed looks is the epitome of the 1950s “All-American” boy. So you believe him when he tells you that Disneyland – Walt’s bastion of patriotism – is so important to his family."

Directed by RJ Silva, Reed does an impressive job of finding the right tone blending lightness and emotional depth. Extra credit comes for telling someone else’s story as if it were his own."

- Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel

Left reeling from the loss of their patriarch, a family ventures on a quest for solace to a magical kingdom in a California orange grove. More than fifty years later, Philip must now retrace the journey of the women in his family to find if the dreams they wished for really did come true. The Impulse Project proudly presents the heartfelt story from acclaimed playwright Philip Dawkins, performed by Adam Reed.